admirer noun

ADJ. ardent, devoted, fervent, great, keen | secret Perhaps the flowers were sent by a secret admirer!

QUANT. band, circle, host She was always surrounded by a circle of admirers.

VERB + ADMIRER have | gain, win She soon gained admirers in England and France.

PHRASES friends and admirers The funeral was attended by the singer's friends and admirers.

admire verb

1 have high opinion of sb/sth

ADV. deeply, enormously, greatly, hugely, particularly, really He admires you enormously. | rather | clearly, openly | secretly She secretly admired and envied him.

VERB + ADMIRE have to You have to admire their dedication and commitment.

PREP. about What do you most admire about her? | for I rather admire him for his determination.

PHRASES be generally/widely admired He is widely admired as a journalist. | can't/couldn't help admiring/but admire I couldn't help but admire his determination. | you can only admire sb/sth You can only admire her courage and determination.

2 look at sth attractive

VERB + ADMIRE pause to, stop to | stand/step back to He stood back to admire his handiwork.