brand noun

1 type of product made by a particular manufacturer

ADJ. leading, major, principal, top the world's leading brand of whisky | famous, favourite, popular, well-known | own (= goods marked with the name of a particular shop instead of that of the manufacturer) Supermarkets make a lot of profit on their own brand products.

BRAND + NOUN identity, image, name The company owes its success to brand image. | leader | loyalty

PREP. ~ of a well-known brand of toothpaste

2 particular type of sth

ADJ. particular, special, unique His designs have a unique brand of stylishness. | ~ of his particular brand of humour

brandy noun

ADJ. double, large | single, small | stiff a stiff brandy and soda (= containing a lot of brandy and not much soda) | straight | cherry, plum, etc.

QUANT. dash, drop, nip He added a dash of brandy to his coffee. | measure, shot, tot She poured herself a large measure of brandy. | bottle, flask, glass, hip-flask

VERB + BRANDY drink Do you drink brandy? | have I'll have some brandy, please. | pour (sb) | sip | gulp, swig | down, finish | distil, produce

BRANDY + NOUN bottle | balloon (= a kind of glass), glass He sat cradling his brandy glass.