control noun

1 power over sb/sth

ADJ. absolute, complete, full, total | effective, proper | close, strict Weeds should be kept under strict control. | direct | government, parental, political, state

VERB + CONTROL have | assume, establish, gain, get, take, win A military junta took control of the country. | keep, maintain, retain She struggled to keep control of her voice. | lose, relinquish He lost control of the car when he swerved to avoid a cyclist. | wrest attempts to wrest control of the town from government forces | get out of, go out of The car went out of control on the icy road. | re-establish, regain Enemy forces have now regained control of the area. | give sb/sth The idea is to give councils full control of their own budgets. | exercise, exert Editors do not exercise control over large sections of their newspapers. | bring/get sth under They soon got the situation under control.

PREP. beyond/outside your ~ Parking is outside my control. | in ~ (of) The elected government is back in control. | out of ~ I had this feeling that things were out of control. | under (sb's) ~ Everything is under control The department was under the control of Bryce Thompson. | ~ over They have little control over that side of the business.

PHRASES circumstances beyond sb's control The event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

2 limiting/managing sth

ADJ. air-traffic, arms, birth, budgetary, cost, crowd, gun, pest, pollution, quality, rent, social, stock, traffic The police are experts in crowd control.

3 (usuallycontrols) method of limiting/managing sth

ADJ. strict, stringent, tight, tough | lax | border, export, price calls for tougher export controls

VERB + CONTROL impose, introduce The government has imposed strict controls on new building. | tighten The country has tightened its border controls. | ease, relax plans to relax price controls | lift, remove

PREP. ~ on They have introduced controls on public spending.

4 for operating a machine

ADJ. remote | volume

VERB + CONTROL take Once we were in the air, I was allowed to take the controls.


PREP. at the ~s Chief Air Officer Sedley was at the controls of the Boeing 707.

control verb

ADV. carefully, strictly, tightly Conditions in the greenhouse are carefully controlled. Expenditure within the company is tightly controlled. | effectively, properly | centrally, directly