custom noun

ADJ. accepted, age-old, ancient, established, old, traditional | quaint | local | social

VERB + CUSTOM follow, observe, respect They still follow the custom of pinning money to the bride's dress. | maintain, preserve, revive

CUSTOM + VERB die out, disappear The custom died out in the nineteenth century. | prevail, survive These customs still prevail in remote areas.

PREP. according to a/the ~, in accordance with (a/the) ~ They poured wine round the trees in accordance with local custom. | through ~ The rules have grown up through custom and are not laid down by law. | ~ of

PHRASES as is/was the custom People threw coins onto the stage, as was the custom.

customs noun

ADJ. French, UK, etc.

VERB + CUSTOMS clear, go through We cleared customs by five o'clock. You will have to declare these goods when you go through customs. | wave sb through We were waved through customs without a pause.

CUSTOMS + NOUN control/controls, regulations the removal of European customs controls | duty/duties We had to pay customs duties on the beer. | building, hall, post the customs post on the border | agent, man, officer, official, staff | authorities | formalities, procedures | declaration, document, documentation, form We had to fill out customs forms on the plane. | clearance We were waiting for the goods to receive customs clearance.

PREP. at ~ We got stopped and searched at the Italian customs. | through ~