lighting noun

ADJ. bright, good, strong | low, poor, soft, subdued, subtle | adequate | artificial, natural | electric, fluorescent, gas, neon, strip | street | stage | domestic | emergency The generator supplies emergency lighting. | background | concealed | security

QUANT. level

VERB + LIGHTING have The kitchen hasn't really got adequate lighting. | fit, instal, put in

LIGHTING + NOUN level | arrangement, scheme, system a typical lighting scheme for a house | effects | engineer

lightning noun

ADJ. forked, sheet Forked lightning flickered across the sky.

QUANT. bolt, flash A bolt of lightning struck the roof of the building.

LIGHTNING + VERB flash, flicker, fork, light sth (up) Lightning flashed outside. Lightning lit up the night sky. | hit sb/sth, strike sb/sth Lightning hit the tree. He was struck by lightning.

LIGHTNING + NOUN bolt, flash | strike Lightning strikes caused scores of fires across the state. | speed

PHRASES thunder and lightning