rose noun

ADJ. deep pink, red, yellow, etc. | early, late | climbing, rambler, rambling, shrub | long-stemmed | scented | fresh She put fresh roses in the vases. | wild

ROSE + NOUN garden | bed | bush | petals | bowl

PHRASES a bed of roses, the scent/smell of a rose
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grow ~ Tulips are grown everywhere.

breed ~ She breeds orchids in her greenhouse.

plant, put in ~ Autumn is the best time to plant peonies.

dig out/up, take out ~ Dig up your geraniums before the first frosts.

spray, water ~ It's a good idea to spray your roses against greenfly.

prune roses deadhead ~ Don't forget to deadhead the pansies.

pick (sb) ~ I picked some daffodils for you.

smell ~ He stopped to smell the flowers.

arrange ~ She arranged the tulips in a vase.

bring/give/send/take (sb) ~ He took her flowers and chocolates.

~ grow Daffodils grow wild in the mountains.

~ be in flower, be/come out, (be in) bloom, come into flower, come out, flower The spring flowers were just coming out. What time of year do daffodils flower?

~ smell Some of these roses smell absolutely wonderful.

~ close/open (up) You know it's summer when the first daisies open.

~ droop, wilt, wither The petunias were already wilting in the hot sun.

~ be over It was April and the snowdrops were long over.

a bouquet/bunch/garland/posy/spray/vase of ~ a spray of mixed violets and primroses