trade noun

1 buying/selling of goods/services

ADJ. brisk, flourishing, lively, roaring, thriving All around the pyramids, salespeople were doing a roaring trade in souvenirs. | lucrative, profitable | external, foreign, global, international, overseas, world | domestic, internal, inter-provincial, inter-regional, regional | export, import, import-export | direct, indirect | free | fair The organization promotes fair trade with developing countries. | legal, legitimate | illegal, illicit attempts to curb the illicit trade in exotic species | private | bilateral, mutual | unilateral | coastal, maritime | agricultural, commercial | retail, wholesale It has been a bad year for the retail trade. | book, fur, slave, timber, tourist, wine, wool | evil the evil trade in drugs

VERB + TRADE carry on, conduct, do, engage in, ply the tools needed to carry on a trade All manner of hawkers and street sellers were plying their trade. | boost, build up, develop, expand, increase, promote a bid to boost foreign trade He built up a trade in seeds, corn and manure. | damage, harm A bitterly cold winter damaged industrial output and trade. | lose Shops have lost a day's trade. | ban, restrict

TRADE + VERB boom, expand, grow, increase, pick up | decline, fall

TRADE + NOUN balance, figures, performance, statistics | surplus | deficit, gap, imbalance | barrier, blockade, boycott, embargo, restrictions, sanctions | tariff | dispute, war The countries were locked in a trade war, refusing to allow imports of each other's goods. | liberalization | benefits, concessions | accord, agreement, deal, pact, protocol, treaty | negotiations, talks | cooperation, links, network, relations | policy, practice The US was accused of employing unfair trade practices. | law, rules | bloc The five countries formed a regional trade bloc. | delegation, mission Several local firms took part in a trade mission to Spain. | official, representative talks between trade officials from the two countries | mark (also trademark), name | exhibition, fair, show | centre | route The road has been an important trade route since prehistoric times. | cycle the boom and slump periods of a trade cycle | association, body, group, organization the trade body representing water companies (see also trade union) | buyer, customer The vase was bought by a trade buyer (= for example, somebody who works in the antiques trade). | directory | journal, magazine, paper, press | information, secret The employees were fired for divulging trade secrets to a competitor.

PREP. in a/the ~ She's in the wholesale fruit trade. These special flour sacks are known in the trade as ‘pockets’. | ~ between Trade between the Adriatic ports and their hinterland had grown. | ~ in Steps were taken to ban the trade in ivory. | ~ with The US has restricted trade with India. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 job

VERB + TRADE learn | exercise, follow, practise

PREP. by ~ She is a carpenter by trade.

PHRASES a jack of all trades (= a person who can do many different types of work), the tricks of the trade The experienced artisan would pass on the tricks of the trade to the apprentice.

trader noun

ADJ. large China is now one of the largest traders in the world. | small, small-scale small market traders | local | foreign, international | prosperous, wealthy | market, street | itinerant | sole You can set up in business as a sole trader, in partnership or as a limited company. | independent, private | retail | cattle, motor, slave, etc. | commodity, currency, options

trade union (also trades union, union) noun

ADJ. free, independent, official, public sector, recognized, registered | militant, strong | local, national | electricians', teachers', etc.

VERB + TRADE UNION form, set up | dissolve | join | belong to | ban

TRADE UNION + VERB be affiliated to sth | represent sb/sth The union represents 40% of all hospital workers. | negotiate (sth) The nurses' union negotiated a 3% pay rise. | accept sth, agree (to sth) | refuse sth, reject sth, threaten sth The union threatened strike action if its demands were not met. | claim sth, express sth Several unions expressed support for the strike. | support sb/sth

TRADE UNION + NOUN confederation, federation, movement, organization | affiliation | action, activism, activity, militancy, power | rights | activist, leader, member/membership, official, representative | law
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create, establish, form, found, set up, start ~ an association created to promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~ (often law) She sought a court order to have the partnership dissolved.

run ~ He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~ The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~ She became a member of the Society of Arts.

leave ~ The country plans to leave the organization.

trade verb

ADV. profitably, successfully | actively | openly The firm openly traded in arms. | publicly publicly traded securities | freely He claimed that all shops should be able to trade freely on Sundays. | directly | illegally

VERB + TRADE continue to | cease to

PREP. as They now trade as a partnership. | in countries trading illegally in rhinoceros horn | with Early explorers traded directly with the Indians.

PHRASES cease/continue trading The company has now ceased trading. | trade under the name (of) sth The company trades under the name ‘English Estates’.