trick noun

1 deception

ADJ. cheap, dirty, knavish, mean, nasty, rotten The party chairman accused the opposition of dirty tricks in their election campaign. | stupid | funny | little | con/confidence

VERB + TRICK play, pull, try, use, work We decided to play a little trick on the teacher. | fall for She won't fall for such a stupid trick. | learn He's learnt a trick or two in his time working in the tax office.


TRICK + NOUN question

PHRASES a trick of the light A trick of the light made it look like she had a moustache.

2 best way of doing sth

ADJ. special | useful

PREP. ~ of the trick of getting out red wine stains | ~ to There's no trick to it?you just need lots of practice.

PHRASES the trick is to … The trick is to keep your body still and your arms relaxed. | the tricks of the trade

3 skilled act

ADJ. clever, difficult | card, conjuring, disappearing, magic | party

VERB + TRICK do, perform | learn | teach


TRICK + NOUN photography | ending