trip noun

ADJ. extended, long | brief, little, quick, short | day, overnight, weekend We went on a day trip to the seaside. | frequent, occasional, rare, regular He makes frequent trips to Poland. | annual, weekly, etc. | forthcoming | fantastic, good, great, nice, pleasant, successful | memorable | abortive, fruitless | successful | return, round From London to Oxford and back is a round trip of over a hundred miles. | foreign, overseas | round-the-world, world | European, Japan, etc. | boat, coach, cycle, etc. | business, fishing, pleasure, shopping, sightseeing | school a school trip to the Science Museum | field a geography field trip to study a limestone landscape | study

VERB + TRIP be (away) on, go on, make, take She's away on a business trip. From here visitors can take a boat trip along the coast to Lundy Island. | have Did you have a good trip? | come back from, return from | be back from He's just back from a trip to New York. | arrange, organize, plan | book | cancel | extend | cut short I had to cut short my trip when my wallet was stolen. | enjoy Enjoy your trip!

PREP. ~ by a five-minute trip by taxi | ~ to a trip to Tokyo

PHRASES a trip abroad My last trip abroad was two years ago. | the trip home The trip home took us five hours! | the trip of a lifetime They saved for years for their trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.