wall noun

ADJ. high, low | long, short | thick, thin | massive | back, front, side | bare, blank to stare at a blank wall | exterior, external, outer, outside | inner, inside, interior, internal | adjoining | dividing, partition, party | boundary, perimeter | retaining They built a retaining wall around the pond. | load-bearing If a load-bearing wall is weakened, the building could fall down. | pannelled | bathroom, kitchen, etc. | brick, masonry, stone, etc. | city, garden, harbour, sea

VERB + WALL build, erect, put up | demolish, destroy, pull down | climb (over), scale The burglars must have scaled the side wall. | jump down from, jump over | cover, line, paint, paper, plaster She covered her walls with pictures of film stars.

WALL + VERB stand | enclose sth, surround sth | face sth the wall facing the door

WALL + NOUN clock, light | cupboard, unit | covering, decoration, hanging, tile

PREP. against a/the ~ She leant against the wall. | behind a/the ~ Nobody can see behind the wall. | on a/the ~ She hung the photos on the wall. | ~ along the wall along the seafront | ~ around/round high walls around the prison | ~ of (figurative) a solid wall of fog