break noun

1 short rest/holiday

ADJ. short | coffee, lunch, tea | Christmas, Easter Are you going away for the Easter break?

VERB + BREAK have, take We'll take a break now and resume in half an hour. | need


PREP. at ~ I'll see you at break. | during (a/the) ~ I had a word with John during the break. | without a ~ We worked all day without a break. | ~ for a break for lunch | ~ from a break from looking after the children

2 change/interruption in sth

ADJ. clean, complete | career | commercial

VERB + BREAK make His new work makes a break with the past. I wanted to leave but was nervous about making the break.

PREP. ~ from a break from tradition | ~ in a break in the weather | ~ with

3 opportunity

ADJ. big, lucky

VERB + BREAK get I always knew I would get my lucky break one day. | give sb He's the director who gave her her first big break.

break verb

ADV. easily | in half, in two She broke the chocolate bar in two and gave a piece to me. | up She broke the chocolate up into small pieces.

PREP. into The glass broke into hundreds of pieces. PHRASAL VERBS break down

1 fail

ADV. completely, irretrievably They were divorced on the grounds that their marriage had broken down irretrievably.

2 start crying

PHRASES break down and cry/weep, break down in tears She broke down in tears as she spoke to reporters. break off

ADV. abruptly He broke off abruptly when Jo walked in.

PREP. from She broke off from the conversation to answer the telephone.