guide noun

1 sth that helps you plan what you are going to do

ADJ. approximate, rough | accurate

VERB + GUIDE give (sb), provide (sb with) | use sth as Use the table below as a guide to how much washing powder to use.

PREP. ~ as to These figures give a rough guide as to the sales we can expect. | ~ to

2 book that gives information about a subject

ADJ. essential, good, helpful, informative, invaluable, practical, reliable, useful, valuable | brief, quick, short, simple | complete, comprehensive, definitive, in-depth This book is the definitive guide to world cuisine. | step-by-step a step-by-step guide to creating your own website | reference The book contains a quick reference guide to essential grammar at the back.

PREP. ~ to a guide to British birds

3 person

ADJ. tour, tourist Our tour guide showed us around the old town.

VERB + GUIDE act as, be He agreed to go with them and act as their guide.

4 book for tourists

ADJ. holiday, travel | hotel | street

VERB + GUIDE consult We consulted our guides as we walked around the cathedral. | write | publish

guide verb

1 influence sb's behaviour

ADV. firmly

VERB + GUIDE help (to) the information and data which help guide the affairs of the business | try to

PREP. into the ways in which young people are guided into employment | on Schools were firmly guided on the details of the curriculum

2 explain sth/help sb

ADV. carefully Their teacher Phil Bailey carefully guides them through rehearsals.

VERB + GUIDE help (to)

PREP. in He guided me in my research. | on guiding teachers on how to maintain discipline | through He guided us through the intricacies of the divorce law.

3 help sb move

ADV. gently He took her arm, gently guiding her.

PREP. across, along, etc. She guided him across the busy road. | to/towards He guided her hand to his face.