travel noun

ADJ. air, bus, car, coach, rail, sea, train | foreign, international, overseas, world | long-distance | business | leisure | cheap, concessionary, free | first-class | high-speed | return | frequent The job involves frequent travel. | space, time

TRAVEL + NOUN agency, business, company, firm, industry | arrangements, plans | allowance, costs, expenses | insurance | document, documentation | itinerary | time The new bypass will reduce travel time to the airport. | sickness | book, brochure, guide, writer

PREP. ~ from, ~ to The price includes return rail travel from London Victoria to Dover.

travel verb

ADV. fast News travels fast these days. | slowly | regularly business people who travel regularly to the US | widely She travels widely in her job. | freely The dissidents were unable to hold meetings or travel freely. | independently I prefer travelling independently to going on a package holiday. | together | separately We had to travel separately as we couldn't get seats on the same flight. | economy class, first class, etc. I always travel first class. | far, further (afield) for the holidaymaker who wants to travel further afield | abroad The job gives her the opportunity to travel abroad. | home | back, back and forth, down, downstream travelling back and forth across the Channel | north, northwards, etc.

VERB + TRAVEL be able/unable to | be free to | want to, wish to | be forced to, have to Hundreds of hospital patients may have to travel long distances for treatment. | refuse to

PREP. across, along, around/round, between, by, from, into, through, to We decided to travel by car. We travelled through France and into Germany.

PHRASES freedom to travel, go travelling When I finished college I went travelling for six months (= spent time visiting different places). | travel light She travels light, choosing to use as little equipment as possible.