benefit noun

1 advantage

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, major, real, substantial This could bring real benefits for teachers. | maximum | additional The scheme has many additional benefits. | fringe (= extra things that an employer gives as well as wages) The fringe benefits include free health insurance. | mutual The different environmental groups could work together to their mutual benefit. | potential | long-term, short-term | economic, environmental, financial, health, social | tax

VERB + BENEFIT enjoy, have The motor industry will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the recovery. children who have the benefit of a stable home background | derive, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive The company derived substantial benefit from the deal. I reaped the benefits of all my early training. | bring, offer, provide The new factory will bring considerable benefits to the area. This deal will offer major benefits to industrialists and investors.

BENEFIT + VERB accrue the benefits that accrue from a good education

PREP. for sb's ~ We shall do this for the benefit of the patients. | of ~ to This arrangement will be of great benefit to you both. | to sb's ~ It will be to everyone's benefit. | with/without the ~ of managing to work without the benefit of modern technology | ~ for the benefits for companies | ~ from the benefits from tourism | ~ of the benefit of a steady income | ~ to What are the benefits to investors?

2 money

ADJ. welfare | state | means-tested, universal One way to cut spending is to move from universal benefits?those paid to everyone regardless of need?to means-tested ones. | cash | child, housing, sickness, social security, unemployment

QUANT. amount, level

VERB + BENEFIT be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify for | claim You may be able to claim housing benefit. | draw, get, receive He receives unemployment benefit. | be dependent on | lose She is worried that if she takes on a job she will lose her benefits. | cut The government has cut unemployment benefit. | increase

BENEFIT + VERB be paid Benefit is paid monthly.

BENEFIT + NOUN benefits agency | office | payment | system

PREP. on ~ He's on social security benefit.

benefit verb

ADV. considerably, enormously, greatly, substantially | fully | clearly, obviously, undoubtedly The new law clearly benefits those earning the most money. | equally | disproportionately | directly We benefited directly from the reorganization. | indirectly | financially We both benefited financially from the arrangement.

PREP. from

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